neurofeedback treatment

What To Expect During Neurofeedback


You will come to understand that this is a place to find support and resolution for your difficulties through evidence-based technology and treatment. When you enter our offices, you will first be pleasantly surprised by the soft, colorful southwestern décor.

When your private training room is ready, we will invite you to relax in a comfy chair during your session.  We listen to your questions, needs, and concerns. In fact, we encourage you to bring a list of questions, any pertinent records, and any friends, family members or colleagues who are interested in this process.

During your initial free consultation, we invite you to have a brief training of approximately ten minutes’ duration while we measure and record your brain wave activity. This training is relaxing and completely non-invasive and is designed to calm and soothe. You will see your brain’s activity on the screen while listening to pleasant sounds which enable your brain to shift towards normalcy and away from stress and anxiety.

After this first treatment we make a copy of your results and explain the various brain waves and their function in the recording. If you decide to continue your treatment with us, we will schedule further appointments and our billing department will check your insurance to determine your coverage.

After the initial consultation, you will schedule a time to meet with Dr. Myer for a full intake interview which typically lasts between 1.5 and 2 hours. We encourage you to bring any additional documentation that will enable us to better understand you and provide the best level of service possible. After the intake, Dr Myer and you will develop a customized training program where we address most of your concerns within 10 weeks. We ask you to commit to two sessions per week to achieve optimal results. Throughout your neurofeedback training, our well trained team evaluates your progress and makes adjustments based on your feedback until we have reached your desired goals. It is important to note that after your training, no additional sessions are required except when new concerns develop or you sustain a significant head injury.

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