We are now offering Mindfulness Classes for Veterans Do you suffer from post-traumatic stress or have symptoms of a traumatic brain injury? Do you have problems with maintaining regular sleep and calm? Our skilled staff will guide you along a journey to a healthier you. Learn skills that will dramatically improve the quality of your life by alleviating your symptoms and decreasing stress. Classes consist of weekly sessions to guide you in stress management techniques including: · Meditation · Mindfulness · Breathing · Stretching · Introduction to Neurofeedback   The programs consists of four weekly sessions with certified providers in Mindfulness and Neurofeedback. Become the person you were designed to be, naturally. Call Boston Neurofeedback Center today at 781-933-2200 to schedule your appointment, or click here to email us and begin your journey to wellness.

POWER THINKING ™ A process of thinking yourself to success Develop strategies to de-stress Learn lifetime mental wellness skills Cultivate Peak Performance Build a repertoire of abundance practices and lose your scarcity mindset Four-week workshop offered at the Boston Neurofeedback Clinic in Woburn, Mass led by a trained facilitator in The Work of Byron Katie, and seasoned counselor/educator.  Tuesdays 6-7:30. Cost:  $70.00 session/prepay $252 for four sessions New session beginning April 9, Tuesday at 6pm  Boston Neurofeedback Clinic 7 Alfred Street #330 (Baldwin Park II) Woburn, Mass All materials included so you can cultivate your own Power Thinking ™. Pamela Broido, M.Ed. Creator of the Power Thinking Process™



As a young boy, my grandson was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Bipolar disorder. He was hospitalized at least twice a year from the age of six until he was eleven years old. He was placed in private schools because he was unable to function in a public school After a severe bout of depression and another hospitalization, he was put on Lithium. This cause kidney, thyroid, and liver shutdown.  At that point, I had had it with meds. After searching on the computer, I came across Boston Neurofeedback. I called them and made an appointment. Dr. Myer and David Myer did a brain mapping and the question about his bipolar diagnosis began. During neurofeedback  treatment, Dr. Myer noticed something about his sleep pattern and suggested a sleep study for pediatric obstructive sleep disorder. Sleep apnea in children can cause mood swings.My 300 pound grandson did have sleep apnea. Later, it was determined that he had problems with his adenoids and one enlarged tonsil. That was his so-called "bipolar." Today my grandson is medication free and has lost all of his excess weight. He has had no hospitalizations since he has been off his meds. In fact, there is no bipolar! If it weren't for Dr. Myer and David, he would have led a disastrous life. Instead, he is a normal,  happy kid.