POWER THINKING ™ Session April 9th 2013



A process of thinking yourself to success

  • Develop strategies to de-stress
  • Learn lifetime mental wellness skills
  • Cultivate Peak Performance
  • Build a repertoire of abundance practices and lose your scarcity mindset

Four-week workshop offered at the Boston Neurofeedback Clinic in Woburn, Mass led by a trained facilitator in The Work of Byron Katie, and seasoned counselor/educator.  Tuesdays 6-7:30.

Cost:  $70.00 session/prepay $252 for four sessions

New session beginning April 9, Tuesday at 6pm

 Boston Neurofeedback Clinic

7 Alfred Street #330

(Baldwin Park II)

Woburn, Mass

All materials included so you can cultivate your own Power Thinking ™.

Pamela Broido, M.Ed.

Creator of the Power Thinking Process™