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Kathryn (Katie) Noble Riffle, MS, OTR/L


Katie is a licensed and certified Occupational Therapist. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Therapy (OT) from Cleveland State University. She furthered her career by receiving he Post Professional Masters in OT and a Certificate of Advanced Studies at Tufts University. Katie has completed the Sensory Integration Assessment and Intervention certification (SIPT). She currently works as a senior therapist at a private practice in Watertown that specializes in sensory integration. Katie serves as the International Coordinator for OT treatment intensives for international children. Katie has built care-giving relationships with families residing in Kuwait, Turkey, and India.

Katie has now joined Dr. Anita Myer at Boston Neurofeedback Ctr. in Woburn, MA to enhance the neurofeedback treatment by providing direct, concurrent occupational  therapy. Occupational Therapy (OT) focuses on helping people across the lifespan participate in daily activities that are meaningful to them. Katie provides high quality treatment to children and adolescents to help them maximize their independence and  address any challenges  presented in their daily lives. As the area of the brain is targeted through neurofeedback (once Dr. Myer develops an individualized neurofeedback protocol), Katie actively targets the same area of the brain through functional activities to maximize the neurofeedback  and help each child reach his or her full potential.

There is no other facility in the Greater Boston Area which offers this leading edge partnership therapy.

Ms Noble is certified in Interactive Metronome, Therapeutic Listening, the Listening Program, and Visual Vestibular Integration. She has pediatric experience in clinic home, and school-base services. Her special interests include techniques that focus on Floor Time® techniques, Brain Gym®, NeuroNet®, and Social Skills techniques. She also has experience coaching families in Floor Time® techniques and organizing play groups for social interaction.

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