Looking for Neurofeedback Training?


Over the years, we have received a number of requests to help other practitioners hone their skills.  In October, 2010, we decided to invite our first  interns. Thus, Justyna Klajn (spoken as: Justina Klein), from Warsaw, Poland came to join us in Burlington, MA. A few weeks later, Natalie Gutowski arrived from Guatemala to receive additional training in our hands-on neurofeedback environment.

After completing their advanced training at Boston Neurofeedback, each has returned home. Justyna is preparing the final details for defending her thesis, while Natalie has secured space for her first office, and has begun work with her first clients. Natalie becomes the first practitioner to offer neurofeedback in Guatemala.

Bonnie Swart has joined us recently to complete preparation for her certification  by BCIA.

Boston Neurofeedback Ctr. considers internship applications from around the world.  We offer supervised opportunities for working with a broad range of mental health challenges. Please contact us for more info!

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Erin Acevedo, D.C.
May 31st, 2012 on 11:43 pm

I was wondering if you rent out equipment? I am looking to rent a J & J Engineering I-330 C2 plus 12 channel computer interface. I am also looking into the possibility of purchasing a used one. Thanks for your help.


Dr. Erin Acevedo
38 R Enon St. #G4


Asa Russell
June 3rd, 2012 on 11:20 am

I am interested in obtaining neurofeedback certification. Can you tell me what the requirements for your internship program are?

Thank you,