Academic Performance

Students struggle in school for a variety of reasons. Sometimes reading, writing, or math skills are a barrier to achieving high marks, in other cases time management and organizational problems are getting in the way. Whether it is an elementary, high school, or college student experiencing these symptoms, we can help. Through neurofeedback, we can train the language and math centers of your brain to wake up. We can also optimize neural organization for students seeking enhanced cognitive function.


Attentional issues impact many aspects of one’s life. Some people are unable to complete one project without moving on to the next, or they forget where they left something. Children often have difficulty paying attention in class or to their parents. Neurofeedback can help the brain to focus while also calming down unnecessary hyperactivity.


Anxiety is currently one of the most prevalent disorders in America. Whether you’re uncomfortable in social situations, worried about work or school, or have constant scary or otherwise negative thoughts, neurofeedback can help you. We design trainings to soothe your overactive thoughts and literally create peace of mind.

Autism and Asperger’s

Autism and Aspergers Present a huge challenge for individuals and their families. We can help by soothing anxiety, improving sleep patterns, moderating sensory integration effects. By working with very young children, we can collaborate with early intervention programs as well.

Brain Injury

We work with a number of physicians who refer their traumatic brain injury patient to us. Patients can improve memory sleep, and attentional issues. We can further help with anger management, depression, and impulse control.


Many people in this country are afflicted with major or mild depression. Sometimes this is experienced as poor self esteem, no interest in socializing with friends or family, or low motivation.

Developmental Disorders

We can help individuals with developmental disorders benefit through treatment to decrease anxiety, including social anxiety, help with depression and sleep issues and focus. We also work with physically challenged patients to help with depression, sleep and anxiety. 

Headaches & Migraines

When a member of your family suffers from migraines you probably feel helpless. People don’t bring migraines on themselves and there is no “migraine personality.” We can decrease the number and intensity of the headaches and help eliminate the headaches.