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It is normal for a person new to Neurofeedback to feel a little scared or apprehensive.  It will turn out that this new person doesn't really need to worry. Boston Neurofeedback Center is a comfy place that doesn't even look like a doctor's office. There are colorful rugs on the floor. The walls are painted pretty colors, and the cupboard is guarded by honest-to-goodness dragons. These colorful friends are very friendly. There are books and magazines for kids to read. There are DVDs you can watch. There are puppets. There are games to help pass the time. And the adults who work here answer questions. All kinds of questions.  Most of the kids do their homework while they are here so you can go out to play when you get home. If you are considering neurofeedback for your child we want you to feel very comfortable with us. Our team here works with dozens of children each week, and we very much enjoy our "small persons". Your child's comfort with us is our top priority. We do not give anybody shots. We don't make sudden loud noises. We don't do painful things to anybody. The sensors don't have sharp pointy parts, and we don't send any kind of signals or electricity into your head. Biggest problem here is boredom, and homework generally fixes that. Come meet the dragons, and we will take very good care of you.